With the project "Intérieur / Nuit", I revisit the nude in photography borrowing from the cinematographic language. My images, as photograms isolated from their sequences, show bodies without artifice.
Neither eroticized nor sublimated, they are not subversive nor provocative either. They are shot with a realistic approach, sometimes harsh, sometimes poetic. They belong to a moment, somewhat ordinary, of intimacy and loneliness, and their posture evokes the idea of a 'before' and an 'after', an underlying fiction.
With the minimalism of the backgrounds and light, the use of non-professional models, the choice of film and black and white (polaroid negative), this series is inspired by the aesthetics of the french New Wave and of The Mother and the Whore by Jean Eustache.
Watching some photograms of this particular film, the story of a love triangle in the Paris of the 70's, one is struck by the neutrality and the simplicity of the images. How could one guess the drama being played out between the characters, the strength of the acting, the intensity of their presence?

The models of my photographs don't act. They offered me their nudity as an experience, with their doubts and their modesty. They let their body speak , interpreting no other role than their own naked body, waiting for a kind of self-forgetfulness, and giving to the pictures this feel of strangeness.

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